finding space

Most of the time Jake, the grumpy westie, and I spend our days home alone. We do our own thing. A walk sometime, a snack another time. Maybe a nap. He’s at my side, under my feet, ever keen to remind me that the fridge door can open.

During holiday times we’re all disrupted. There are people. Different routines. Things to be doing. Mess to make and clean up. This year, Jake and I were disconcerted to find Kardashians appearing in the living room.

Time away is a great thing. Beaches and family, all the fun and the unexpected. Prolonged periods at home together have a different quality, best defined as ‘when do you go back to school?’ I’m not proud. People in my space all the time wears me out, even when they are people I love.

Girl1 is back at school today. Peace descends around us.

We can forget about the Kardashians and begin to deal with the pile of post.


9 thoughts on “finding space

  1. declaration of so-so independence or fair warning its back -more or less …..(i don’t do emots so insert smiley face here)

  2. Are you sure Jake was ready to give up on the Kardashian’s? Peace descends…I do remember those days. I’d usually be a little blue from the abrupt change in household decibels, but then I quickly adjusted and had “me” time. I hope you can find a way to recharge your personal battery! 🙂

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