trumpets blowing

We had our first Annual General Meeting this week. Like a real grown up company.

We are a real company. A real charity. Doing things. Having influence.

Amongst the exhaustion and the chaos, it’s good to reflect.

RDWB patient input

We are good at building relationships. We are good at influencing. We are good at going the extra mile. We are committed and hardworking volunteers.

dublin wine & whine

Mind you, we need to get good at gathering resources, before we implode.


11 thoughts on “trumpets blowing

    1. Thank you- sometimes it feels like we’re mired in chaos (my house, with dying printer, the night before AGM, with children trying to sort out bundles of papers and me, actually hitting the machine in a temper, Fawlty style) so it’s good to consider that, really, we’re quite fabulous 😉

  1. I am happy for you. Gathering resources is an obstacle that initially takes a lot of effort and persistence but once the flow starts, it does not stop. On the other hand, a group of well meaning friends have a peculiar problem. There is urgent need for an old people’s home and a hospice where I live and there are people who are willing to fund it without questions being asked. The group is having problems finding a suitable home, getting the proper licences and enough committed people to work in the project!

    1. Thanks, Elspeth. I always want to do more, get things moving more quickly etc, so it was actually useful to stop and review, and consider that we’re not doing too badly!

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