in which I become a graffiti artist cheerleader

As it turns out, Girl2’s greatest challenge is not knowing the stuff; it’s believing that she knows the stuff.

Girl1 is blessed with the “I can do that” attitude familiar to those of us who know the Brother. Girl2 is not so lucky. She likes a good worry, a panic about imponderables. After a meltdown in the caravan on Sunday, I decided it was time for a strong statement.

A strong statement that looks good.

Ditzy phoned to talk about neurologists and support groups; I kept interrupting with “aw, wait to you hear this one…” I was lost in Pinterest.

In the afternoon they came home in their ones.

A series of discoveries.

venus williams


Positive sounding statements and cute pics on walls, doors and mirrors.


every morning

The damage a mother can do with a printer, blu tack and a permanent marker.

top bunk

Yes, indeed. Jaws dropped as they realised I’d taken a red sharpie to the white wood of the bunk beds.

Whatever it takes to have my girl believe in herself.

links to the pictures found on Pinterest available here

15 thoughts on “in which I become a graffiti artist cheerleader

    1. I’m sure it won’t be quite so easy as all that, but I had fun- they thought I’d gone OTT even before they got into the bedroom…
      All you need is a permanent marker πŸ™‚
      Oh, imagine the damage I could do if I were artistic!!

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