cakes and songs for someone with a birthday ending in zero today

pretty cake

plane cake

bag cake

cow cake


23 thoughts on “cakes and songs for someone with a birthday ending in zero today

        1. Pencil it in- 2015 will be a big year for you- Arty Lady and I both changing decade 🙂 It’s entirely possible that my celebrations will take the form of major denial…

  1. Ohh thank you – I didn’t know you’d become such an accomplished baker. Loving all the cakes – especially the globe & the cows. And of course, a little Roy song 😃xx

  2. I have had 54 of the dam things, the latest being 8 days ago, not saying that I don’t have special memorable days, it just seems they don’t fall on birthdays for me……….so whose ever birthday it is, not sure if it is yours or someone else, I sincerely hope, you or they are fortunate to have a ‘special memorable day’ fall on yours or theirs ‘birthday’.

    1. Hudson, happy belated birthday! This celebration is not for me, but for a good friend (Kileen, above) who has taken the party all the way to New England this year 🙂

      1. New England, only a better part of a half day drive away….I never get invited to the good parties…………….HAPPY ShhhhaMANNSIE BIRTHDAY Kileen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My travelling companion would like to order the globe cake for her next birthday. Could you bake one for the 27th December or does the Speccy bakery close over Christmas?

      1. Her expectations have been raised by the pics & she does think there will be a delivery for the birthday. I’m thinking you will break the bad news??? Maybe at the next book club?

  4. A Virtual Party – how creative!! Sooo civilized!! An open invitation to all to enjoy/celebrate Kileen’s big day with her. And the virtual cupcakes – beaut!! The slimmers option!!

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