my gran has Alzheimers.

Fionn is in Year9 at school, just like Girl1. He’s watching his granny’s health degenerate, like the girls did. He’s done a wonderful job of explaining what’s he’s seeing and feeling about the changes. Herself didn’t have AD, but I saw her in his words.


10 thoughts on “my gran has Alzheimers.

  1. He’s got a great way with words, such a kind boy. I’m volunteering at our local Riding Therapy centre and walk round the riding school with a young autistic lad when he’s on horseback – Fionn’s blog has given me lots of insight. Thanks for posting it.

  2. That’s very moving. Interesting how he feels uncomfortable because he can’t “read” his gran any more. And I like the way he says “I really admire gramps cos of what he does. He does everything to help gran.”

  3. I really enjoyed this piece – thanks for pointing us towards it. (Meanwhile, I hear you’ve met the Unfit Mother…)

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