style or no style?

There are hundreds of style blogs and fashion magazines out there. A quick glance at my  wardrobe will confirm that I don’t pay much attention.

Navy, black, purple- the odd bit of red or green. Sleeves. V or scooped necks. A-line or straightish skirts. Sometimes a full skirt. No skinny jeans. Nothing skinny or skimpy- skimming is good.

From time to time I am brave. I try different things. The parcel arrives and I unwrap the daring garment in a new colour or shape. Today, finally, I will be stylish. Then; um, er, really?

“Did I not have this jacket in 1985?”

“Where did my legs go?”

“Who on earth would be flattered by that shade?”

“I need to be 6 inches taller.”

“How can something so lovely be so frumpy?”

“I think I might send it back- what do you think?”  “Yes.”

The style bloggers I come back to are School Gate Style and The Agoraphobic Fashionista. Both are local. That may be very parochial of me, but I think I like the reality of them. We have the same weather. They are real people who happen to be impressive style bloggers. They are open about  their own issues, and take their pics out the back.

Avril does skinny jeans and ankle boots, which my little legs don’t approve of, but she has pointed me in the direction of a dress, a top and two coats (with added discount!) Her blog is full of good ideas- she does the searching so I don’t have to.

Sera’s blog is a fascinating mix of mental health issues and fashion. She’s a good bit younger than me and much, much braver. Her recent post about a purchase not working out was perfect.

I tend to wear variations on a theme and I have no idea how to inject some variety. I decided to take photographs every day for a week, but- combined with some dodgy photography from a girl- that was too depressing to publish. Plan B was to hunt out all the colour in the wardrobe and make a point of choosing it over the darkness.

all the colour, all of it

Bloggy buddies, that is it. All the colour.

Well at least now I know how to start. What a pity the shops are full of monochrome.

Girl1 did point out that we have an endless supply of brightly coloured football shirts, but I’m not that desperate.



10 thoughts on “style or no style?

  1. Aw – thanks for the mention. My favourite bit was the fact that we have the same weather – good point! So glad I’ve helped a little bit – but it does sound like you need my neon square scarf – perfect for brightening up a crappy NI day! x

  2. You know, it never occurred to me that I might learn something from a fashion blog! What a good idea! I have no natural style at all. I can “copy”–sometimes. I have friends who just know what to do with accessories, combine colors in the most interesting ways, and can pull themselves stylishly together with a skimpy budget. I think they were born with “it” and I certainly was not! You may feel the same, but good for you for at least giving it thought and perhaps learning something. At this stage of the game I just try to be sure the clothes don’t have big stains. 🙂

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