the class

There are about 20 of us, with good intentions and new notebooks.

I missed the introductions, and so was saved from the horror of realising that people in the room are already working on novels, or have completed one. The wonderful Emma from Adventures of an Unfit Mother turned up on time for the class and so had this information from the outset. I’m glad I was late.

found at:
found at:

The tutor is a proper teacher, and made her expectations clear: turn up for class when possible, constructive criticism only, write each week, actually want to write a novel. Ah. I may have fallen at the first. I don’t know if I want to write a novel. I want to be a better writer and I’m happy to use this class to learn, and to give me a structure, but a novel? I’m not sure my imagination will take me that far.

There is homework. Useful, challenging homework, that I am in no way ready for. (“Write 3 paragraphs putting your character in a setting. Each paragraph should concentrate on a different sense.”) The homework is not impossible, but by the end of term I could still be squiggling mind maps and writing streams of consciousness.

I chose this class because it was a) in the morning, and b) had space. It’s a start. That’s all I want.

I just need to remember that.


16 thoughts on “the class

  1. Enjoy the experience; that’s what counts. (And apparently Leonard Cohen can take up to a year to write a song).
    Psst – Y’know I don’t understand what your homework means. Different sense?

    1. You’re just worn out with all the thinking… sense= sight, sound, touch, taste, smell. It’s not this week’s homework- for week 1 we had to write a character sketch. Character??

      I can’t imagine anyone will be holding their breath waiting for the Not Novel, but I wouldn’t complain if I could write like Laughing Len!

  2. I think this is wonderful! I know you will relax once you get going. The creativity will flow differently and the thinking won’t feel like a chore! Remember you have a cheer squad sending you the benefit of our faith in you…to show up, to contribute, and to enjoy!

  3. Even if you never write your own – and you never know what will happen do you? – you will learn all sorts of stuff and have a great time when reading other people’s novels. Character – hah – sense or a sense on every page – etc. Enjoy it all and keep telling us about it.

  4. Fiona, go with the flow and allow the characters to lead you. Just hold the reins a little bit so they don’t run away with you (or fly… or swim, depending on the character!) and HAVE FUN! You can do it!

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