sunday mornings

Spurs Fan has driven Girl1 to the  county development squad for Gaelic football. She and her friends get specialist coaching, a new jersey and a chance to represent County Down in Under 13 games. Spurs Fan spends the time catching up on work related reading.

Girl2 is preparing for the selection tests for transfer to secondary school. She is calm/ content/ hyper/ tearful/ anxious/ cross/ cheerful. The delights of our local system mean that she will be tested on four Saturday mornings in November. There is a lot of work to do. None of us enjoy this.

We’ve had dry sunny weekends recently. We have not been to the caravan. We have been doing all the other things that families do (dancing, working, running, soccer, sleeping, socialising). While all that activity is going on,  I spend Sunday morning with Cerys on 6music. Unpredictable, melodic, always interesting.

If you need a little variety in your listening, if you miss the wilderness, if you have dull work to be doing, find Cerys.



Just because it fits…


16 thoughts on “sunday mornings

  1. Will definitely check out Cerys next week. I’m totally over Elaine Paige on Radio 2 – there’s only so much Andrew Lloyd Webber a girl can take. Good luck with the exam prep- just be glad that after November you’ll never have to face it again.

  2. These selection tests seem to become more complicated each year. Glad I am not having to deal with them. November will soon be a memory and out of the way before the busy festive season.

      1. There was another piece in the paper the same day about Gove visiting schools in the US. The class he most admired seemed to be about teaching pupils to perform like robots, all giving the same answers. For once, I find myself agreeing with Nick Clegg. And that isn’t something I say often. If ever.

  3. I would be moody and tense if I had those tests in my future, too! I’m sure Girl2 will do well, but the tension is natural. And I love your musical selections, Fiona. I listen to a lot of music, and don’t necessarily know Cerys, but I have more fun scouring Internet radio and listening to stations from all over the world. I may see if I can run this down. 🙂 Have a good week, my friend, and tell your dear daughter we are pulling for her!

    1. She did sample tests at the weekend and I was so chuffed that there were no tears, tantrums or panic! If we can keep her calm like that it will be a positive result 🙂

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