My jaw dropped. I cried.

Would you like some powerful documentary story telling?

I was gripped.

I winced, and worried for a young man I’ll never meet.

I felt the anxiety and the efforts of his teachers.

I wanted to hug them all.

My eyes just kept on dripping.

An excerpt from the Channel 4 series Educating Yorkshire. Thank you to all who shared 6 months of your lives with us.


7 thoughts on “My jaw dropped. I cried.

  1. Thank you the video; shall send you the bill for tissues later. Wondering why the fact that there is no apparent alternative to the oral part of this English exam,a very important exam to have under your belt, can be disabling to those who have speech impairments. There are jobs where having a grade in this exam is part of the criteria for eligibility to apply, yet the job itself may only require a decent use of English in reading and writing; not speaking.

    1. I don’t know if there are ways around it. The exam is about ability to communicate- how are e.g. technologies taken in to account? This was filmed in a mainstream comprehensive school- perhaps there are adaptations used elsewhere?

    1. Teaching is often undervalued. This series did a great job of showing the commitment of, and personal cost to, the staff.
      As the deputy head got more and more ill, and refused to take time off, I was having a little rant at Spurs Fan “look! that’s going to you” and other supportive things.

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