what just happened? life.

Only last week, but how the world has changed. Only last Wednesday I spent some lovely hours with bloggy buddies Yvonne and Lesley. Yvonne was home from Arizona with her daughter, and took time out from family fun days to spend with two local women she’d never met. Three of us gathered round a table, strangers but not strangers, a model of the connecting power of blogging. Friends, who happened to be meeting in person for the first time.

Yvonne, Lesley, me
Yvonne, Lesley, me

Days later, Yvonne was widowed. Ken drifted off gently in his sleep. Well and good, a lovely way to go. Not so much for those left behind. Those still thousands of miles from the Arizona heat. Thousands of miles, and an eternity away from him.

Yvonne has written a remarkable post. You should read it. Hug your loved ones when you can. Send positive, supportive vibes out into the world.

Let’s appreciate our boring lives.


4 thoughts on “what just happened? life.

  1. That’s a very wise and moving post from Yvonne. I wish her all the best in her efforts to reshape her life. And how right she is about appreciating those little everyday things and moments that make our lives so rich.

  2. Thanks for this – how often something strikes a chord! I am sending the Wendy Cope poem from Yvonne’s courageous post to my friend Julie in New Zealand. She was widowed a few years ago, and used the word ‘mundane’ when she told me what her marriage was like.
    The other chord of course – the joy of real meeting with bloggy buddies – that’s a great picture of you Lesley and Yvonne. I remember the day we met for real over again… wasn’t it great!!!

  3. I was so taken by the beautiful smiles in your photos. I loved thinking of you having that time together. I was a bit stunned by the conclusion, and feel a sympathy for someone I’ve never met. We all know that life can turn so quickly, and I do thank God all the time when I’ve had an ordinary day. I am really fine with nothing new. I will make my way over to pay respects to Yvonne. ox

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