[17] Chasing The Clouds

This woman is properly awesome.

Life With Hollywood

– Although I am broken, my heart is untamed still… –

I know many, many people don’t think those of us with disabilities should be thought of as broken.  I’m one of them.  But sometimes music describes our spirit better than anything.

The simple fact is we are broken.  Imperfect words inside perfect songs.  Ever since I first heard that line in David Cook’s Declaration, I knew that it fit me.  I have one tiny glitch in my DNA, and I must live with the effects just like countless others.

Truth is, we’re all broken.  Whether we should be thought of that way is a different matter.

I’m comfortable with the fact that there are times during which I’m sick, hardly fit for much more than a chuckle.  It frustrates me when my oxygen levels sit at 96 and when I can’t catch a breath to sing.

I love…

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