try not to sing along


12 thoughts on “try not to sing along

  1. Ha, hate it when people get paid wheel barrow loads of cash to have fun. I’d do it in a heart beat if asked. I think there was enough energy on that stage to power a small country. I didn’t sing, though the energy soaked into an revitalized a body worn out by the day.

    1. He always looks to be having fun when he performs- what a great job to have. People who can make a living doing what they love are so very lucky. The rest of us need a Bruce Boost every so often!

    1. I’m listening now- it is really powerful. Such talent and beauty!
      Also, when they sang it on Later, I decided it was ok to wear all black when one has blonde curly hair….

      Bruce may well give his head an odd rub with a paintbrush, but as long as he doesn’t do McCartney dye, I can cope. My own hair has been dyed many colours over the years, and will stay blonde until I’m 90.

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