unexpected news

For those of you who remember my huffing and puffing, worrying and moaning, and huge anxiety about the need to re-engage with the social security/ benefits process…

my application was successful.

To my great surprise the letter from social security gave me the news that nothing is changing.

Bloggy buddies, the relief is incredible. I was split open, vulnerable, exposed- and they saw, listened, heard. They believed me.

your illness or disability restricts the possibility of working

At my best I’m haphazardly enthusiastic. Generally I’m sore, disorganised and unreliable. Often I’m miserable, immobile and incoherent. My family flow round me, keeping me buoyed and moving forward.

I was fearful of the impact of any other decision- my anxiety would rocket, the demands on me would increase as my confidence collapsed. There would have been a financial hit too- the amount less significant than the psychological loss of my contribution.

I am fortunate. Overwhelmingly, unbelievably fortunate. Many thousands of people have not been so lucky.

Employment and support allowance is the most bewildering, unfair and badly designed benefit since the abolition of the workhouse.

The claim form is long, complex and often confusing.

The medical is carried out using a computer.  It’s often rushed and it may not even be a doctor that assesses you.

The appeal system is deeply confusing, not least because employment and support allowance procedures and regulations are extremely complex and generate a huge amount of paperwork.

And because employment and support allowance is so complicated there is very little reliable information on the internet.

Jobcentre Plus offices frequently give incorrect advice. And advice agencies just don’t have enough staff to deal with everyone who needs help.

From Benefits and Work

To be heard and believed is the best gift.

found at: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/293437731941509063/
found at: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/293437731941509063/

*I have lost the comments facility. I don’t know where it has gone, or how to find it. Please email if you can help…*


14 thoughts on “unexpected news

    1. I may still be a little shell shocked. I’m still recovering from the bruising process, and was expecting to have to keep fighting!
      Thanks for your warm wishes, Nick.

  1. Congratulations! I couldn’t face the battle. Am now working 14 hours a week to keep them off my back but already have had a month off due to ill health since May! Nightmare 😦

  2. Fantastic news! I’m happy for you, of course, and glad you shared such an important update! Glad your comments came back, too. I was looking all over the place for “comments” on your space yesterday, and thought it was just me. LOL! Hugs!

    1. Thank you, Debra 😀
      I hadn’t noticed the vanished comments until Hudson emailed me to say he was going to comment anyway! Elspeth sensibly sent me to Word Press support, because that had never dawned on me…

    1. Oh, the silence was deafening… A defeat would have been bad enough, but 0-5! If it hadn’t been for the texts from every Liverpool fan in the country I’d not have known what was going on 😉

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