A birthday ‘treat’

once there was a boy- a repost

He came into my life and nothing was ever the same.

I was no longer the only one.

He’s calm and measured; I flap and over-react.

He’s energetic and determined.

He’s curious.

He’ll always find his way.

He makes me laugh.

He’s not lost for words.

He’s the sporty, geeky, musical one.

He was a trend setter.

He wore the tshirt.

Now, he likes Noel Gallagher. Middle age comes to us all.

He does dad dancing now.

Happy Birthday, the Brother.


8 thoughts on “A birthday ‘treat’

  1. Oh, blurry hell. I blurry did it again. CanNOT get the hang of the new way Macs organise their favourites libraries…..Fabulous tribute, Fiona. Happy birthday to that brother of yours 😀

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