joining together for better care

28 Feb is international Rare Disease Day, with the theme Joining Together for Better Care.

That’s how our charity works- there’s no point jumping up and down on our own. We need to make connections between families,  clinicians, researchers, commissioners and policy makers. Across administrative systems, regional boundaries,  and international borders.

We’re holding an All Ireland event on 28 Feb, looking at next steps in local and cross border care for rare disease, and showcasing examples of good practice- patients, families and health care providers. Why not join us on the day?

(You may imagine I’m spending these days sleeping or panicking at the busyness.)

We are stronger together.

2 thoughts on “joining together for better care

  1. I wish you well with this fantastic effort, Fiona. And I hope you are indeed resting up! What a powerful promotional video. Any day I feel sorry for myself I ought to pull that one out. My heart just churns when I see the children, in particular. Your efforts are so worthwhile, my friend. I know it all has to take so much out of you, but what a generous gift to others.

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