We took a trip to the seaside. The west. In February. You’d be correct in assuming we were well wrapped up.

The caravan was intact, if a little mouldy round the edges. One nearby was not so lucky. Winter storms had taken its roof. Had that happened us, I’d be distressed about the curtains and very important decorations, Spurs Fan would be annoyed about the satellite dish, and the girls would take the opportunity to encourage us to upgrade. They’ll slum it for another while.

We hadn’t made the journey in months, so we noticed the roadworks that were finally finished, the house that got sold, the trimmed hedges and the fresh paint. We cheered for our own identifiers- the bike shop, the donut & wine shop, little heather hill. It feels like home.

Not for the first time, we crossed the island under a cloud. The only dry spot between the east coast city and the Atlantic ocean was the beach. Havoc wreaked by the winter was there also, dunes and paths washed away, debris and rubbish washed high.

The girls were still teaching me about taking photographs on my phone- panoramas, filters, video and other oddities.

Then the beach worked its magic and they ran off to be children, exploring, discovering and laughing.

What joy.





18 thoughts on “playing

  1. New phone, a trip to an wild ocean; am jealous. More so for for the later. And you know who looks healthy and rip’n to roll with it. As far as i know Elvira has never seen the ocean; her nose would go into over load. Perhaps this summer.

    1. Hudson, I’ve been reeling about this comment for days. I know, of course, that people and dogs live far from the ocean, but I live on a small island on the edge of a continent- I can hardly imagine not seeing the sea. Do take her. She will love the experience šŸ™‚

      1. Hopefully, she and I will live alongside the ocean, that is if we both live long enough to see happen (that sound like something an old person would say)

          1. Think we’re both in serious denial. But, as the country western song goes…..I’m as good as I (we) ever was; once.

    1. Girl2 took it, along with lots of film of herself singing and dancing around him. He doesn’t like the camera, but doesn’t know that phones can do the same job…

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