me, obsessed?

Rare Disease day is on Friday 28 Feb. I may have mentioned it before.

Almost by accident, I ended up on the organising team for the all Ireland event to mark the day. I’m well outside my comfort zone.


Do government Ministers need special parking spaces?

How many wheelchairs?

Drawing pins or blue tak?

Ooh, a guide dog- do we need to do anything?

Webcast or video?

Prizes for the poster competition?

How long do the speakers get?

If we have that speaker, do we need to get another one to match/ contrast?

How many people?

Have we got our press release?

Who do we need to schmooze?

Who is compiling the conference programme?

my brain

I am surrounded by lists, in an attempt to control the chaos. The chaos is not real, actual chaos. It’s all in my head.

Things are a bit through other, but are on track. Everyone knows what’s happening. Chairperson continues to work her magic, pulling rabbits out of hats at the last minute with a smile, as if that were the plan all along.

In the meantime, Spurs Fan maintains that the only way to attract my attention is to include the phrase ‘rare disease day’ in every conversation.

And after, I will sleep.


11 thoughts on “me, obsessed?

  1. I’m pulling for you! It will go well, Fiona. I’m sure that it takes being somewhat obsessed to handle so much detail. It is going to be a success, and then you can let it go for a while! 🙂 Exhale!

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