coming round

Last week my brain was full of details- parking spaces, electronic note takers, room for pop up displays, special diets. These things may not effect the overall flow of our conference, but they would impact on individual experiences, and on the mood of the event. Chairperson had different matters to deal with- 2 days before the Health Minister was due to address our conference to mark international Rare Disease Day, we had a political upset that threatened to bring down the government.  Chairperson spent a lot of time on the phone to politicos and senior civil servants, quietly tearing her hair out. In the end (and not due to Chairperson) he was able to turn up, say his bit, get the pictures taken and run off to an emergency debate.

Everything happened as it was meant to- delegates got registered, the sound was good, powerpoint worked, poster competitions (scientific and children’s) were displayed and judged, drums were drummed, food was yum, and we got to blame the Minister for running late.

When the delegates left we had some tasty cake and a little fizz.

The former bundles of stuff in my house are now in bags, dropped where I came in on Friday evening. I need to start sorting them out, gathering receipts, wondering where the evaluation forms went. But for now, I’m pacing myself.



13 thoughts on “coming round

  1. Fiona, you do such a good job you are irreplaceable, sorry for the heady load, but we needed you. Hope you are recovered and fighting fit soon. Love.

  2. Why are you not still under the covers; lying up on the settee and watching some useless, non brain taxing, daytime TV?

  3. I think you could write one of those cozy village novels where all the drama happens around the church hall annual fete and there are vicars, and iced buns and…well, you get the just. What ya think, eh? 🙂

    1. I like this idea. I also like iced buns.
      Have you read Ian Sansom’s Ring Road? A whole town of charcters, histories, families, secrets and ordinary life. And damn funny.

    1. It was a good day Janie. We even had sunshine, although I can take no credit for that bit 🙂 I never imagined I could be so involved in something like that and survive, but I did. I will recover eventually, and I’m glad to have done it all. Team work is a wonderful thing.

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