living in the shadows

Things move quickly in the world of doggy diabetes. Unlike Jake, whose progress around his leaves and steps and assorted smelly places is being severely hampered. He’s going blind.

We have watched in despair this week as he’s stumbled on kerbs, walked into walls, and preferred the bright lights of fast moving cars to the safety of the pavement. He’s bewildered by the outside world, and not totally convinced by the house either.

His blood sugar is improving, but the plummeting weight loss hasn’t slowed, and the deterioration of his eyesight has been dramatic. It may be a few weeks before the glucose settles and his weight stabilises, but his sight will not return.

The vet tells us that this loss will be more traumatic for us than for him, that he’ll adapt quickly. I hope so. The poor pet has had enough upset in his life.


10 thoughts on “living in the shadows

  1. I just looked back over all the Jake posts – so much joy in there – August 2012 doesn’t seem so long ago to fit in all those adventures beaches smells caravan sniffs… Another good reason to blog. Wasn’t he a lucky dog to connect up with you and your family? Take care

  2. I do hope the vet is correct in his assessment that Jake is not as bothered as his family! But it still has to be very confusing to him. Let’s hope everything stabilizes quickly and he doesn’t lose any more of his eyesight. I hate to think of him bumping into things, poor dear. 😦

  3. I was so sure I had commented on this. I think your vet is almost certainly right. One of my aunt’s dogs went blind. She remained happy and very feisty. If furniture was moved my aunt would lead the dog around the new arrangement and that would be that. She knew us all by our smell, and continued to dominate the other dogs in the household.

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