thump, thud, bash

Thud, thump, crash.

That’s the sound of a newly blind dog manoeuvring his way around the house. Head down, he barges on, into walls and doors and chairs.

We talk to him, rattle keys, wave food under his nose and attempt to steer him around furniture.

“Should we move the seats?”

“Where would we sit?”

As the insulin takes effect, we have fewer puddles to clear up. Had we a choice, we’d take the puddles anytime. At least we could clean the floor. We all have a lot of getting used to it to do.

In the meantime, I browse the internet for enlightenment.


Of course, what our girls really want is a guide dog for Jake, because it would be ‘cute’. Apart from having to take 2 dogs out for walks, lifting what needs lifted and all the other tasks that girls find objectionable…


5 thoughts on “thump, thud, bash

  1. I know your hearts hurt! I think Jake feels your love, and I don’t want to in any way make light of him losing his sight, but I’m glad he can hear your voices and feel your touch. That will be comfort to him. Years ago we had a dog with some disabilities and it was hard. I actually thought of that before we took Zena in…it’s not easy getting your heart broken by your pet’s condition. ox

  2. I think a seeing eye dog sounds just the ticket, Fiona: you already walk one, what’s two? So hard for Jake: I do hope the smellscapes and other consolations begin to compensate for him. Beaches must be a good place – nothing to bump in to except the sea and plenty of smells to investigate. Time at the caravan will be a blessing, I suspect.
    Thoughts with you all, Kate xx

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