the little things

Yesterday was a dozy day. I tried getting up, but retired defeated, after eating. Eventually I showered, put on clean pyjamas and made it as far as the sofa, accessorized with hot water bottle and little old lady rug over my legs.

Today was to be better. I had plans. But time has this habit of vanishing. It’s lunchtime and the cupboards are not cleaned, the ironing isn’t done, tasks from 6 weeks ago sit on the table, shaming me. There are things to be doing, but I’m faffing on the internet. In my dressing gown. If the sun shines I notice the grubby windows. I brought a cake stand to a coffee morning on Saturday and it needed a good clean before we could put the buns on it. Luckily, I’m not proud- I wasn’t remotely bothered when I could have been mortified in front of the Irish dancing mummies. (I’d never cope if I was a competitive Dance Mom).

When I wasn’t doing any of the many things that I need to be doing, I read Emma’s post and recognised the feelings. You probably do too.

Then, on twitter, a moment of sanity. Words of wisdom from @SharonOwensAuth- housework all on one day, another day for writing, a day for other things, time to do nothing at all. Sometimes we just need somebody to point out the obvious. Little steps to make the chaos a wee bit more manageable.


17 thoughts on “the little things

  1. I left a landslide of papers on the floor this morning, knocked there by an exuberant cat. I’d love a clean and tidy house, but it is not a top priority. I am v impressed that you clean your cupboards.

  2. I love that Virginia Wolfe quotation- in fact, I’m going to steal it 🙂 Re the advice sometimes the obvious just isn’t so obvious, until someone points it out.

    1. So glad Sharon did! it makes perfect sense, but when we’re being overwhelmed, it can be hard to make sense 🙂
      I play on pinterest a lot- not for promotion, but for finding strong quotations!

  3. faffing -never knew such word existed….now that I know, am a faffing’r and am to old to care if it’s good or bad -so there

    1. Faffing is great, when I do it. When other people do it- for instance, when children should be getting ready for school or bed- it can be nuisance 🙂
      It’s a totally unproductive way of spending time. Seemingly doing things, but really just, well, faffing.

      1. Good for you. I had one unexpected visitor this morning, I was still in pjs baking a cake. Then the guest that I was expecting this afternoon, called to cancel!

        Never worry, I enjoyed my own cake with a nice cup of coffee.

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