what did I say I would do?

If it’s not written down, it doesn’t happen. In order to impede on my consciousness, it needs to be written in the diary, in the calendar AND on the phone. Daily email reminders are useful. Even so, I’m likely to be amazed that the event is to take place this week. Is it that time already?

from: http://chronicillnessmemes.tumblr.com/post/52941578985/ladyobsidian-lol-i-wonder-about-this-at-least
from: http://chronicillnessmemes.tumblr.com/post/52941578985/ladyobsidian-lol-i-wonder-about-this-at-least

A film crew is coming to the house tomorrow morning to record my experiences of living with a neurological condition, and something of my mother’s story. I have no idea what I’m going to talk about- they’ll be able to film brain fog in action.

I’ve talked a bit about herself on film before*, but this is a different beast. I’ll have to talk about myself. How my life has been changed by illness. How I’ve become familiar with uncertainty, and discovered there is such a thing a sociology of health. (That could be really interesting, if my brain had the energy to check it out properly. I could figure out how I do biographical disruption and recreating self. Any sociologists amongst you?) Have you spotted that I’m referencing journal articles rather than considering my emotions? Hmm.

I have thinking to do, and not much time to do it in. But then, I’ve had years of it. They may not be able to shut me up once I start.


*you can see me and Jake about 4 mins in



20 thoughts on “what did I say I would do?

  1. In this instance I don’t think you have given it as much thought as Imonlyslightly ever so Smugly :D; but I reckon your fast brain will come in handy anyway.

    1. It’s for an e- learning package, which should be finished in May. If I can show it, I will- as long as we don’t have to sit through a 2hr programme first!

  2. I am sure you did very well, and I hope there might be a way for us to see the interview? I enjoyed the previous interview. You were so poised and well spoken, and if you get nervous under these interview circumstances, it really doesn’t show! ox

    1. Debra- you do make me laugh! Thank you 🙂 I certainly don’t feel poised or well spoken, but I’m delighted if I can fake it.
      The film will be edited into an e learning package, so it will probably be about 2 mins, spliced. If I can show it, I will.
      I felt more relaxed this time, so it will be interesting to see if that comes across.

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