anti social behaviour

We both have white hair and short legs. We need plenty of sleep, and to be well prepared for social engagements. We do things at our own pace. We have a boring wee world and it suits us.

However, I’m a short-sighted middle aged person, and he’s a blind elderly dog. There are key differences.

We were both anxious when the camera crew arrived last week. I was worried about what I was going to say, would I burble too much, what if I cried? Jake was worried about the new smells, strange voices, odd clunking noises and boxes blocking his way. When he got patted, the growl could be heard outside. This wasn’t his normal ‘leave me alone’ grumble; it was ‘I’m Very Fierce Leave Me ALONE’. I lured him to the kitchen and closed the door. He was content lying on the mat in the sunshine, with a snack. Who wouldn’t be?

His confidence around the house and garden is well improved, but Jake is still not a happy mutt when out for a walk. Sniffing is good, but ‘outside’ is overwhelming. He’s not out  walking anywhere near as much as he used to be.

do not be deceived
do not be deceived

Last night it took 10 mins to get to the next street. I couldn’t face going much further and wanted to see our bloggy buddy Dawnriser. We called to her house (yes, she lives in the next street now) and I attached Jake to her gate. Come in, she said. The cats are out, she said. He’ll be no bother, she said. And so it came to pass that Jake discovered the joys of her front room. He covered every inch of cat territory. A younger Jake may have made it on to the window sill . He was engrossed.

Dawnriser, A and I blathered away. A PhD thesis is almost ready for submission; Dawnriser, cool and calm. Until her super hearing picked up at a sound from behind the sofa.


He was relieving himself all over the cats’ carpet, ensuring that they’d feel uncomfortable in their own house. I’ve known Dawnriser since school, I’d thought I could never be embarrassed.

I was wrong.

The shame.

I crept home, my face still burning, to spread the horror amongst my nearest and dearest. Jake skipped home, happy to have conquered new territory. He’s never going visiting again.


13 thoughts on “anti social behaviour

  1. You will be glad to know that the soaping seems to have worked! Charlie did not feel the need to reclaim his territory in like manner! Age seems to be working in opposite directions for both of them! Never worry! He can come again (maybe!)


  2. Ha! This is a familiar story indeed, and I feel your pain. Macaulay always chooses the most embarrassing houses to cock his leg in. The designer ones. And he uses his chief weapon: surprise. The bugger.

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