homework (for Janie)

In a burst of Oh I feel awake and reasonably alert again, hurrah! I started two of the Future Learn courses this week*. Three hours per week of creative writing (8 weeks) and two hours per week (2 weeks only) of drug origins. There are many great things about these courses, but the key points are 1- they are free, 2- I can do them in pyjamas, unwashed and unseen.

I was delighted to see that our bloggy buddy, Tinman, is doing the same writing course. I haven’t figured out how to do proper discussion on the  course site, and there seem to be hundreds of people doing the course, but it’s nice to know that a buddy is in there somewhere. Tinman shared part of this week’s writing task– I was going to, then I wasn’t. Then Janie was encouraging, so here we are. I want a bit of a kick start, a reminder of why I blog at all, and to get back into the habit of it, so I may as well post some of the inane ramblings that actually count as me writing.

The task was to write 2 paragraphs, one a fact and three fictions, the other containing 3 facts and one fiction.

She was born in May 1965, to a houseful of boys. John, Jim and Bob were her elder brothers- there were two years between each of them and four years between Bob and her. They all had blond hair and twinkly blue eyes. She was a screaming red head. In time, the way these things do, her screaming settled and the boys’ hair darkened.

When she was 8, she spent weeks in hospital. The boys gathered up cards and gifts from her classmates. There was a late night operation, a blood transfusion, a visit from the priest. Bob was glad she was away.

These may turn into something eventually, they may not. Bob may be worth exploring. What interested me was how interested I got in  two short paragraphs. I didn’t know what I was going to write until I started, and then my brain started to buzz.

Don’t you love the buzz?



*Everyone I know is thinking that I’ve still got a lot to learn about managing my health, I need to pace myself more, I shouldn’t keep taking on too much and then crashing, and they’re right. I know that. I even agree. But then I get swept up in childish enthusiasm and think that all those sensible voices are BORING and that I have to still try and be myself somehow. A crash is always imminent so I want to make the most of the awake days. Yes, I am a nightmare to live with. But I’m ready for bed just after tea time most evenings.


7 thoughts on “homework (for Janie)

  1. Excellent! Thanks for sharing! You’ve grabbed my interests, so which parts are true and which are false??

    As for your “childish enthusiasm” isn’t that what makes for a full life and one worth all the trouble of living? I’m a practical person, I spend the vast majority of my days doing what I should do in hopes that someday, maybe, I just might get to enjoy the inner glow of having made it through to a place of peace and happiness. I envy people who just say, “I want to do this and I’ll do it” and then enjoy it and let the pieces fall where they may. Certainly there’s consequences to some of those actions, but there’s also a passion for life that seems to be so beautiful that the consequences are dulled in comparison. My life gets very bleak and miserable always doing the “right” or “practical” thing and being secretly afraid that the hard work will never end and I’ll never find that spark of joy.

    Our health is important, but life is also short and joy and happiness are often hard to find. Revel in them if you can and while you can. Happiness has to be the best healthcare plan ever.


  2. Great two paragraphs. The magic of storytelling never fails, does it? You remind me of the way the Icelandic sagas were told by word of mouth, using a sort of formula: stories which started small but became epic told by professional storytellers for days at a time. I wonder what your paragraphs will become?

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