any colour, as long as it’s pink

I spent yesterday in an Orange Hall, watching girls dance*. There were black dresses, green dresses, purple dresses, blue dresses, fancy embroidery, and capes of many colours.

In Northern Ireland, we’re used to colouring in our streets. Kerbs get a lick of paint every so often to ‘mark’ areas  with red, white and blue or green, white and orange. Lampposts support tattered flags and bunting. It can be all very messy.

Things are different this week. Everything is pink. Sheep, bus stops, trees, all sorts of bicycles. Official road signs. Bunting and banners. I even have a scary pink Hi Viz vest.


The Giro d’Italia is in town. One of the world’s great cycling races is passing by the end of my road. The area is abuzz. The tractor image is from this Guardian article, but every photographer east of the Bann has filled their Facebook with wonderful pics. I might get some of my own tomorrow, if I get up.

The race is starting in Belfast, heading round the beautiful Antrim coast and then heading from Armagh to Dublin. A weekend of traffic chaos lies ahead.

There are many videos produced to promote the place and the race, (day 1 Belfastday 2 Antrim coast, day 3 Armagh)  and they, somehow all seem to have been filmed in sunshine. This one is my favourite


I had intended to volunteer for the time trials- not to cycle, you understand; to marshal-but the sleepiness and the soreness have won. I’m not missing the race though. We will all be out in our pinkness, waving and cheering. Taking part in a world event, on our doorstep.



* for the locals- it was very unusual for me to be in an Orange hall, never mind to be there with the Irish dancing. My head might just have exploded when they gave sashes to the top three dancers.


11 thoughts on “any colour, as long as it’s pink

  1. I am quite taken that you choose to illustrate your own crossing of the divide to an Orange Hall with the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the video. The thing terrifies me. Never say they are riding across it?
    Mind you, come to think of it, I don’t believe I have ever set foot in an Orange Hall either.
    Enjoy your day at the races, and I hope you are in the pink in more ways than one.

    1. The competitors aren’t crossing the bridge! That’s a stunt guy, doing fab things. I went to Carrick a Rede once, and sat with my back to the bridge while my friends went over and back. I couldn’t look.
      I had fun watching the practise this morning, and will wander back to see them making an effort later on!

  2. I will not show this post to MTM. I will not. Or, we may find ourselves crashing at your house this time next year, while he flits off to talk bicycles with everyone.

    1. I thought of you and MTM as I was writing this 🙂 You’re welcome to crash here any time, but I can’t guarantee the Giro! He’d have a great time here today- the roads are empty and yet full of regular cyclists, with occasional bursts of elite athletes…

  3. Ha! I thought of MTM, too! This looks like a race he’d certainly enjoy. I loved the video, Fiona, and it looks like a wonderful event. All the pink color adds even more excitement somehow! Have fun!

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