When I saw #brainfogmoments a few days ago, I couldn’t resist. So many things to add! Of course I couldn’t remember most of them, but let me give you a flavour of my week as reported on twitter…

  • went to take photographs- found pics already on camera
  • took 11 weeks to count 47 items
  • discovered hair straighteners already on
  • stepped out in front of car yesterday
  • putting face cleanser cream on wet hair rather than ‘hold the curl’ cream

See, I live a life full of little surprises!

(and a fair bit of anxiety)

not readynap getoverit


The hashtag seems to come from @theslowlane_ME

Links for the pictures can be found here.


16 thoughts on “#brainfogmoments

    1. I’m sure I learned the Green Cross Code many years ago, but my brain really doesn’t work as well as it used to. Who knew it was possible to go so wrong at a crossing?

  1. Like the friend who asked me a few years ago to walk back with her to the bus station a couple of hundred yards away. Admitted she was not very good at crossing roads. Shortly before that I thought she was very confident as she meandered through the moving traffic- and not to be shown up I followed her. Then it dawned on me that the close shaves had happened because she actually hadn’t much clue about road safety. Remind me not to follow you when crossing roads; although be warned I can be as bad.

  2. Face cream in the hair is one thing, but the near car accident is really scary. I love the little card that I think I should have as my own warning, “Just because I’m awake doesn’t mean I’m ready to do things.” LOL! That’s perfect, Fiona. i hope you’re doing well right now! ox

    1. I’m not so bad Debra, apart from the vagueness πŸ™‚ I think I just need to spend more time by the seaside. I can’t do so much damage there.

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