they rearranged the world

Well worth a look, & a think.


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2 thoughts on “they rearranged the world

  1. You are right about the ‘think’. There is no answer to this dilemma that is in our homes etc as well as public spaces – when are we relating to others with our view, when are we intruding on their space? We really are not individuals as we like to ‘think’ but deeply interwoven. Back to living in the present, facing the dilemma of intention – can’t do anything about yours, but for who/whom/ what am I doing what I do? Myself and mine or a more altruistic ideal for all? Dear G-d I was just writing and now I am back to at least try not to harm anyone…

    1. Yes, ” & a think.” is essential, and that can then turn advertisements into the funniest programmes on the television.
      News articles too,once you start to spot what is not being said, or could have been said differently, from the same facts.
      On a car ad, some time ago, If I bought the car it apparently came with a chrome and steel architect-designed house, which contained a beautiful lady dressed only in a silky slip who was turning down the bed sheets waiting for me to come home.

      Learn to spot the fnords. The things you are not supposed to notice.

      An introductory example for beginners: news, not ads.

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