Dr Dawnriser

Our bloggy buddy, acclaimed poet and former teacher has done something rather remarkable. Years of field work, analysing, learning hard sums, applying theory, writing, thinking and arguing. Yesterday morning, she defended her thesis. In a few weeks, she’ll parade across a stage in red robes while her nearest and dearest try not to whoop and holler with delight.

Dawnriser and I go back to our school days. She’s been a researcher in London and Dublin, part of the Human Genome Project.  She taught for years. She wrote poetry and dealt with enormous personal challenges. She returned to university in her forties to study the science she loves. Fate has determined that I can now see her house from mine, about a minute’s walk. She is a perfectionist, a worrier and an all round star. She’s about to start making waves in science.

A virtual round of applause please for Dr Dawnriser, my mate.



8 thoughts on “Dr Dawnriser

  1. Congratulation Dawnriser; wishing you many happy years to come and continued success doing what you love.

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