The Time When I Had An Unplanned Homebirth

Because, sometimes, there’s nothing like too much information. Laugh, wince and cry with this wonderful tale…

The Clothesline

I need to record this for posterity and because I  will have no hospital notes to look back on in years to come…….Writing this took a whole lot longer than the actual birth. 

Throughout my pregnancy I had two concerns. One the concern that all mothers have, is the baby going to be ok. My second concern was about the labour and delivery. My other three children had all arrived before due date and my labours had gotten progressively faster with each child. During my second trimester I was over thinking the possible birth scenarios. I looked into having a homebirth but previous complications after the birth of my son ruled me out. I questioned the midwives at length at each antenatal appointment about fourth time labours, fast labours and the likelihood of me having a fast labour with this child. They reassured me, told me not to hang about…

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