lalalalalalalalalalala lego

8.10 am Girl1 was in a rush, finding tights and shoes and other necessities. Girl2 was on my bed, full of excitement about tomorrow’s sports day- her last in primary school, so they get to go in fancy dress. Each class have chosen music to be playing while they compete. She tried to describe her tune, but there was too big a gap in my knowledge. She found a gadget to play it. We danced and sang and bopped in and around the bed.


8.13am Girl1 paused in her dashing, just long enough to roll her eyes. Mothers and little sisters are so embarrassing.

8.15 Chances of sleep have gone. Time to get up and veg in front of the laptop with coffee deal with all the lists my darlings have left for me…




2 thoughts on “lalalalalalalalalalala lego

  1. 😆 At least you get lists! I got: “Oh, by the way mum, I need £50 to pay for my trip today.” – just as she was about to go out the door. Or we must have (insert itemS) for tomorrow morning!

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