the gold standard

I like the seaside. Emptiness, wind, sea. Freshness. Beginnings, renewal, power.

Shells in my pocket. The little bundles of sand my feet bring home.

I love time on the beach, any beach. I’m not fussy.

Well, actually, I’m really fussy. I’ve just learned that there are many sorts of good beach and to enjoy all of them. Not all are lucky enough to be the ultimate in beaches.

Yesterday, we were there. The beach which is imprinted on my brain. The beach upon which all others are judged. There is a road to it. There are no facilities- no cafes, deckchairs or even a Portaloo. I don’t want those. They have their place, but not here. Those are for beaches that are busy. This beach is never busy.

The sun was out. We had just collected Girl1 from a fun hardworking week immersed in the Irish language- school, games, social life, staying in native speaking home in the Gaeltacht.










It was a beautiful day.

A day to restore the soul.


14 thoughts on “the gold standard

  1. Port Arthur in Gweedore – when I feel stressed and overwhelmed that is my “happy place”. I close my eyes and imagine the sand between my toes, the wind blowing my hair back from my face, the taste of the salt in the air and the sound of the sea. There is no better place on earth. Enjoy!!

    1. When I used to go to yoga class, my favourite bit was when we’d do the relaxing and she’d tell us of think of a place… I don’t get there too often, so soak it up when I do!

  2. Your beach, truly is a shweeeeet spot. Run wild, run free, chase the wind, run from the wind. Be silly. Just be.

  3. You and several other bloggers are conspiring to make me feel envious. i have been in town too long without a break, and my country bred bones are longing for space and fresh air. I am drooling just looking at your photos.

  4. I am completely in synch with your response to the beach, Fiona. It is my place of restoration also–and always. When life starts to squeeze I make a point of finding time at the beach. It doesn’t matter where or how perfect, because for me, it’s always perfect. But you’re so right! There are those stretches of solitude that are definitely perfection. I’d love to visit yours and have you come and visit mine! 🙂 I am thrilled to see your daughters enjoying themselves with such play! ox

    1. Beaches are for running and paddling and swimming (the odd time, in a wetsuit) and gathering shells and being silly 🙂 I think it’s impossible not to feel refreshed and revitalised there

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