the one about the football

Ah, now.

The regular reader may not be surprised to find some mention of the World Cup here. Spurs Fan is defined by soccer. He’s been involved in clubs and teams his whole life. Apart from work clothes, he’s most often found wearing a garment that brands him, and has strangers strike up conversations about the fate of their respective teams. For the last two seasons he has coached the local girls’ team, who play in a boy’s league. That part of the weekend that isn’t given over to Irish dancing, Girl2 spends playing football with her mates and her dad. It’s unavoidable. I see a lot of football matches on TV, usually from behind a book.

Tonight, I put the book down. In our family draw, I’d got Brazil. I knew this team weren’t up to much, but still: Brazil. I had a t shirt and a loom band. I wouldn’t need to pay too much attention.

Girl2 had drawn Germany. After half an hour, even she was willing Brazil to score. Something, anything, one wee goal to take the edge off the mortification. A goal in the last minute was too little, too late. Tonight’s match was a little like watching the girls’ team play against a team of boys. Ah, go on, let them score. Maybe you could take a player off to give our ones a chance?  But no. Germany beat Brazil by 7 goals to 1- an unprecedented humiliation.

It really was a remarkable day, because I hadn’t imagined that anything could have topped the novelty value of the new football.


It’s teeny and cute and most unlike all the other footballs we have here.

’twas not I who bought it       #unexpectedfootballnews




15 thoughts on “the one about the football

  1. Now those are footballs I wouldn’t mind having around the house. I think Sophia and Karina would just love them. I participated in a World Cup pool…I was just sure Brazil was going to do well. I don’t think I have a chance at winning the pool at this rate. 🙂 We follow American football much more than European, but I must say that I have enjoyed the competitions! Very much, actually! I hope Spurs Fan is enjoying himself.

    1. So pretty! They seem to have just been a promotion- there’s no sign of them on the website otherwise I’s send you some 🙂
      We have seen all the football, and he’s been having fun, indeed. The Argentina v Germany final will be Spurs Fan v Girl2. We actually have a chocolate football boot for the winner…

  2. Is that Jake’s ball? Maybe Spurs fan should be coaching a Westie team on another night.
    I was at poetry and oblivious to World Cup drama (thank goodness our meeting wasn’t in the pub) but on the way home we saw a man disgustedly, and disgustingly, hurtle a can across the road while he almost spat the word Brazil. Now I know why.
    It may be a quite subdued day hereabouts. This area is home to the largest Latin Community in the UK. Let’s see if the shops open.

    1. Jake doesn’t bother with toys of any sort. A ball like that would be wasted on him.
      When we got him, we had loads of toys and chews and squeaky things for him to play with. We threw balls and wiggled rattly things and lept about like eijits. He just stared blankly. The wee soul never learned to play… Or, he’s waaay more grown up than us 🙂

        1. How long will you be around? We are going away at the weekend, until 2nd August- if you’re around when I am, maybe we could put the world to rights over lunch?

          1. Sounds graet. I come home 5th. will see how things pan out. I am hoping to catch up with the 80- and 90-year-olds. Will email you my mobile number.

  3. I love the ball. Don’t let Buffy see it she would devour it in five minutes.

    Even without TV, I seem to have followed the footie, Social media & radio made sure I had a blow by blow account of last night’s whitewash. My sister will be happy, she has followed Germany all the way.

  4. I would not have believed that match if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. But it was brutal. I’m wishing Argentina would win tomorrow just so that Germany lose the smugness…is that bad?
    Have a great weekend!

    1. As a devoted England supporter, Spurs Fan doesn’t really want either of those teams to win, but the draw has given him Argentina. Girl2 has Germany.

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