an unexpected problem with reading

I was cosy and comfy in the caravan. There were bursts of sunshine and wandering on beaches. We were still in the honeymoon phase of Girl1’s return from foreign parts.

Mountcharles pier

We’d had the world cup chocolate boot presentation.

worthy winners

We’d been in a favourite shop and seen a real loom. No tiny elastic bands required.

Magee's loom

I had plenty of reading material, and was engrossed in a novel. All was well with the world.

The next morning I refilled the breakfast coffee mug and lifted my trusty Kindle, another day of lazy contentment planned. I flicked the switch, keen to get on with the story.


The screen was filled with half images and shadows of words (not a good sign), and didn’t change (a worse sign). I’d been here before, many moons ago, when my Kindle was still an infant. Amazon replaced it immediately. But now, the Kindle is elderly, obsolete. Dead. They don’t make that model any more.

farewell old friend

We have no internet access in Donegal which meant that I couldn’t set about finding a replacement until we came home. Also, I couldn’t simply continue reading the novel on my phone, because it wasn’t already downloaded to that device.

I started to read Spurs Fan’s football book, but it wasn’t the same. Less violence, for a start.

Once home, I began to investigate. I was briefly tempted by ‘Fire’, ‘HD’, ‘HDX’ and other random collections of letters before deciding I wasn’t going to pay good money for a flash tablet when I had a voucher that would practically cover the cost of a basic e reader. Doesn’t my phone do all the fancy stuff? (I have no idea what my phone can do.) After that I pottered choosing a cover and spent a huge amount of time trying to organise super speedy delivery.


The colourful cover is here. The Kindle is not. I feel like I’m waiting for a baby to be born. “Is it here yet?” “Oh, it’s on it’s way!” “Still not here.” I’m pining for a bit of electronic equipment I’ve never met.


I got the story finished. Jo Nesbo’s The Son. A bit long, a bit daft, but I enjoyed it. The reviewers didn’t. Lazy, they said. Turgid, they said. Perhaps my judgement was addled by the Kindle added suspense.

Or maybe I just enjoy some fun rubbish fiction*?


*other examples of this genre include anything by Lee Child or Janet Evanovich.


7 thoughts on “an unexpected problem with reading

  1. Just me thinking aloud.

    Don’t you miss flip’n a page, The feel of a tree between your fingers. To hold a book, to which countless ghosts wish they might. Then again. It amazes me these little digital wafers can hold more books then a country village library -the kind of library you’d find in a little old women’s house.

    1. Hudson, I mostly still read real books. I buy real books from the big bookshops, little bookshops, charity shops, supermarkets and the internet. When I worked in a real bookshop I never had any money, because I spent every brown penny in there. But for when I’m not at home, the e reader is wonderful. It holds a huge amount, so I always have a variety to choose from. It’s easily carried and simple to use. I used to need space for a dozen books, now hundreds fit in my handbag. Wonderful.

  2. I have kindle on my phone – but I cant read it outside or on the beach. There is too much light to see the screen. Indoors it’s on the computer anyway, big screen. Enjoy the new one, and download to the phone just in case!! PS prefer books also, and Lee Child’s improbable bullet proof dish /disher out of all violence. xxx read on

    1. Yer actual Kindle e reader- not an app or fancy tablet thing- is easy to read outside because it doesn’t have the light. When it’s dark, you need a light on to use it, just like a real book. I haven’t given up on real books by any means. That would be impossible 🙂

  3. I’m an all-or-nothing type of gal: I am a Kindle zealot. I couldn’t do any of my research without one, and it is so thin and slips into my handbag a treat!! I think I saw the Kindle has now arrived on FB – wonderful. And weighty classics are all very well, but I cannot function without a bit of fun rubbish fiction. I usually read a classic followed by rubbish, and so on.

    Happy reading x

  4. I’m another Kindle lover, Fiona. I don’t really want anything to happen to my “old faithful” but sometimes I think it would be really great to have the excuse for a newer model. I would like to ditch the book light! I do sometimes read on my iPad, but I’ve been known to fall asleep and have it drop to the ground–a new Kindle is less expensive than a new iPad. To think that just a very few years ago I didn’t have such problems as deciding which eReader is my first choice. 🙂 I will assume that by now your wonderful new Kindle has arrived. I love the cover!

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