a window

I have coffee. It’s late morning and I’m not dressed. There’s just me and Jake in the house. Our normality. But different. It is not my table. The mugs are smaller than I’m used to. There is sunshine.

Spurs Fan, Girl1, Girl2, Nana and Grandad have gone into the seaside town. They will shop, promenade and swim. I may be dressed by the time they return, I may not. I’m just revelling in the space. Some people may revel in the quiet, but I revel with loud music.

We have been busy, and will be more so. Nana and Grandad are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with all the family, in Nana’s home town in Co Clare. Family fun chaos is all around. Unexpectedly, Ireland has been experiencing sunshine and heat, with the rain confined to night time. We are basking in the novelty and the companionship.

My heart soared yesterday to see each girl stand on a surf board and ride the wee waves onto the beach at their first surf lesson. There will be more lessons, and the waves will be bigger. My active, brave children do not get their spirit of adventure from me. I observe activities in the pauses between chapters.

We took a longer than planned tour round the county earlier in the week, looking at history, culture and geography.

The North Cross, Kilfenora
The North Cross, Kilfenora


in the Burren, Co Clare
in the Burren, Co Clare


Ted's house
Ted’s house

There is more to see and do. I want traditional music and the wild cliffs. Maybe a trip to an action packed city. A return to the dolmen we missed.

But we’re on holiday, the sun is out and there’s no rush to do anything at all.


4 thoughts on “a window

  1. Grey and Green, yep your not in Kansas anymore Dorothy and you have Jake and internet access. Immerse yourself, what a holiday.

  2. Love the picture of the Burren. I was on a walking holiday in Clare years and yaers ago, pre digital cameras. I must oik out my photos. Unlike the break you are having, it rained and rained, There was flooding. At least one person drowned trying to cross a field that had succeeded in transforming itself into swimming pool. The landlady at the B&B (name forgotten, but she owned McGregor the westie) was relieved to see our safe if sodden return each day.
    There were dry days, I remember, but it was after that holiday that i upgraded my walking boots.

  3. Ah! County Clare. I was in Kildysart on the 13th, it looked well in the sunshine. Enjoy your holiday and the celebrations. Pass on my congratulations to Nana & Grandad for their 50th wedding anniversary.

  4. Fab pictures, and may I say what a highlight the Father Ted picture was for us all when it appeared on FB! Must do a tour of our own sometime…..lovely to hear you are enjoying the weather. Unusual, isn’t it: but it transforms our islands into a veritable Mediterranean paradise.

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