discovering writing, pictures and other bloggy goodness

Jake and I are back to normal. It’s almost a school day. It’s wet outside. The others are away exploring Spurs Fan’s new classroom, wondering where he’s going to put all the boxes, and the children.

I’ve been a while playing on the laptop, with that smelly, snorey bundle at my feet. It’s how we spend many of our days.

My mind is still in holiday mode. It’s not ready to read worthy articles about rare disease, charities, event organising or patient engagement. It’s certainly not ready to actually do any of those things.

But I did have a task for today, and I’ve done it. Get me.

I have had a good old nosey round the blogs on the longlist for the personal blog category in the 2014 Blog Awards Ireland.



There are 30 odd categories in the awards- I’ll never read all the nominated blogs and I’d have no opinion on the content of Irish language blogs, the tech blogs, business or political blogs. I’ve been a judge in the past and found it challenging to judge the politics ones- just how much were my personal political opinions influencing my opinions on whether a blog was engaging?

The personal category is a bit of a catch all, but this year the organisers have stated that blogs which are mostly craft/ photography and the like should be judged in those categories; a bug bear of mine in previous years had been that the personal category was won by beautiful food or knitting blogs.

There are many beautiful personal blogs- and not just from the creative young people- and for the first time I’ve chosen to follow a number of the bloggers on Pinterest rather than follow the blog directly. I’ve got another half dozen coming to my reader, and one or two by email. So many ways to keep updated with interesting writing.

Naturally, some of the blogs don’t appeal to me, but many do. if you’re looking for some new reading material, check out all the nominations– you never know what new bloggy buddies you may meet.


8 thoughts on “discovering writing, pictures and other bloggy goodness

    1. Nominations have closed now, and categories will be judged by volunteers. They’re always looking for judges…
      Pinterest is a glorious way of wasting time. So many pretty things to look at. I’m sure I don’t use it effectively- I just look at the pictures 🙂

  1. Well done you on the nomination. I was not aware that the list for nominations had been opened. Oh well, I may as well scrap the list I had collected over the past few months. Good luck for the next round.

    1. GM, one is allowed to nominate oneself, so the only success there is actually remembering to do it!
      I didn’t make it beyond this last year, and have posted less often since… I have no expectations.

      1. I realise that we can nominate our own blogs, but I never did. My followers have changed in the past few years, now they mainly arrive from outside of Ireland and many are my own age group. As I said above, Good Luck with the next round!

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