pretty pictures

Not only did I discover new-to-me bloggers the other day, but I was introduced to a whole new-to-me world of photography. EleanorC  posted images by Gray Malin, and I fell in love.

Gray Malin’s aerial beach photography

Icebergs Bondi Beach

À la Plage, by Gray Malin.

Gray Malin - Praiano, Amalfi Coast

Gray Malin: Bondi Surf Lifeguards Triptych

Wait, there’s more…

Maison Gray | The House of Gray Malin Photography


Gray Malin in Antarctica. Words fail me.

Bermuda Flamingos by Gray Malin

Gray Malin

I can’t show you all the fun pictures I found; there were many. I had such fun, thanks Eleanor!


All Gray Malin images taken from Pinterest. If you have plenty of money, you can buy prints or other fun items.



4 thoughts on “pretty pictures

  1. Ah!! I’m so glad I was the one to introduce you to his stuff- how great are they?! When I win the lotto (yes, WHEN) I’m totally buying one!! 🙂

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