tweenage kicks

Every so soften I try out a beauty thing- a new magic potion, a bright nail polish or some sort of bronzer. These are rarely happy events. That’s why I have wrinkly, very pale skin and boring finger nails. I rarely feel like experimenting; I’m jaded, think it’s not worth the effort, and largely stick to what I know. Can you see the enormous rut I live in? I’ll be wearing the same make up when I’m 85, convinced it works or not caring that it doesn’t.

Girl1 and Girl2 have no such reservations. Nor should they. They’re young, adventurous and energetic. They’re finding out who they are and experimenting is a big part of that.

Last year, Girl1 was all about the dip dye hairstyle. (It may be a notion for 12 year olds- see Suzanne’s post.) I said I’d think about letting her do the ends of her hair if she read a whole novel. I won that one.

This year a fake tan was required for the 2 weeks of performing in France. Girl1 is more pale than I am (who knew that was even possible?). I have been laughed at abroad for being the whitest person ever on mainland Europe, so I was happy enough to spare her that fate. A dancing mummy does the full on professional fake tan- she put up the tent in the garden and a procession of tiny dancers assumed the position and laughed a lot. It was a jolly part of the whole performing abroad experience, and she didn’t end up with random finger prints all over her legs…

Last week she bought herself a bottle of spray tan for the face. I might have freaked, but it’s been too much fun. She’s got random circles of ‘tan’ all over. It washes off, but lingers long enough for us to be entertained by her feet. Splodges, with drips, like a badly iced cake. Since we all know I could do no better, it’s a learning experience for all of us.

What I’m really admiring is the nail varnish. Both girls have developed a great interest in fancy nails. None of this one colour per nail nonsense. Stripes and patterns are required. Tape and patience. First thing this morning they were working out how to do a water marbling effect- you tube, instagram and vine are the go to instruction spots. They were completely unfazed by it not turning out quite right. They’ll have another go later.




They will not be knocked back. They’re enjoying themselves. I’ve always seen ‘beauty’ as a bit of a chore, a job that I can’t quite do. I’d still rather read a novel. I love that these things are a game to them. I hope that happy, fun, confident, ‘can do’ attitude stays with them forever.

But the nail varnish smell makes me queasy.



12 thoughts on “tweenage kicks

  1. I admire their enterprise. I have never mastered painting my nails. I can get away with doing my toes sometimes as they are seldom subject to close scrutiny.
    Like you, I am very fair skinned; almost blue in the winter. It can take me all summer to achieve white.

  2. I’m not too adventurous with makeup or accessories, but I’m vain enough to give it a try. I love to see what others do to stay trendy and fashionable, and I am so glad you’re giving the girls the freedom to experiment. It’s their time in life to be creative in every possible way. I love their nails!

  3. I love the way nail polish has got so adventurous nowadays, with different coloured nails, stripes, fancy patterns, glitter, you name it. When I was growing up, most women had bright red nails and that was it. Anything else was unthinkable.

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