turn, turn, turn

The vibrancy has gone from the green. Leaves are getting ready to fall.

The school preparations are nearly done, although Girl2 will be happier once she has mastered the knotting of the new tie.

The end of August is in sight, but the temperatures are those of later in the year. “Like October” said the weatherman, and nobody was surprised. We’ve all been putting on the heat. People have been spotted out and about in winter coats, scarves and hats. Children are donning the warm things without being told.

On the other hand, I just found the linen trousers I put away carefully for the summer. I’m wearing them. I’m wondering where I put the thermals.



10 thoughts on “turn, turn, turn

  1. Was gonna leave a tutorial on how to tie a windsor knot but someone beat me to it : ) & its better than I could explain just found you on Twitter off Tom Kindlon page cuz of your westie pic >^^< Of course I'll be back…..PKK

      1. Funny thing those little buggers…..mines a wee bit grumpy too but I love’em….every chunky bit of him. ;*)blessings on your day PeggyK

  2. You are on linen trousers and I am in warmer layers and changed to a warmer duvet last night. Thankfully I was warmer and slept until 07:30!!!! A miracle! Good luck with the tie tying, it brought back memories of when I used to help my younge brothers with that task>

  3. More than a hint of autumn in the air here too, but with infelicitous timing I have mislaid the cardigan I had with me the day we met. I am keeping out of socks for the moment, but only just. It is great walking weather, so maybe time to head out to the countryside of Kent and Surrey.

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