and off she goes

The garments are labelled. The tie is tied. The blazer feels itchy on her neck.

My little one is off to big school, with butterflies in her tummy and her shoulders tensed up to her ears.

Girl2, school uniform

Nobody else from her primary school is going to the same school, but that is not a concern. Thanks to dancing and sport and the miracles of social media (“I’ve got a new friend who’s going to my school tomorrow too”), she knows loads of people. By now she’ll be getting to know her new class, her form teacher and the ways of the new world. By home time she’ll be exhausted but buzzy. A restorative cookie is planned.

Girl1 is almost as excited. She has shared many words of wisdom (“Don’t bring your school bag into the dining room.”, “Do your homework the day you get it.” I’m still smiling at the latter…) but will probably not acknowledge her sister when through the school doors, or on the bus. She doesn’t start back until tomorrow, so made sure to lift Jake up to the window for waving this morning. A dog’s life, indeed.

And so the world moves on, full of fun and learning and friendship. We’d not want it any other way.


9 thoughts on “and off she goes

  1. Aw, that’s lovely Fiona. I was just saying to The Brother that it must be about time for Girls1 and 2 to head off. This is the first day in 7 years I’ve not had a wee friend round about me :-). And you’re quite right, it’s all about fun and learning and friendships. For mummies too x

  2. Remember your first day at big school – it still brings me out in cold sweat. All the best sweetheart you look fab!!!!!!!!!

  3. She looks Very well put together Hope she has a fabulous day at school and how nice of you to lift Jake to see her off.>^^< Love those Westies Used to drive my munchkins to school & the westie had to come along.

  4. I know you’re so proud. I remember those days and how much I missed the children when they first went back. I hope you have all started the adjustments and everyone is doing well. I see a confident beautiful young lady in that precious photo!

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