I’m listening

In the almost empty house, I’m listening to music again. For months it was background noise, competing with the giggling and the Kardashians. Now I can hear the radio, and have the space to listen to it.

This week I’ve made 3 new discoveries. They may not be new to you, so forgive me if I’m very passé or a middle aged cliché. I’m enjoying the finds.




A bit of space, good books, good music, plenty of coffee. Slowly, balance is being restored.






8 thoughts on “I’m listening

  1. This talk of middle age, not old age for thirty years; I must be among children.

    I have the Barr Brothers on the side already just in case they fit the bill, but not this song. Sleeping Operator is a great album -young and folky seems to be in now a days, though they smudge the line and call it something different. There is a little talent Canada as you can hear.

    Hollie Fullbrook’s (Tiny Ruins) ‘Priest with Balloons’ was the first song I had heard of hers. At first I thought, too much of Tiny Ruins might cause one to reach for a whiskey bottle and a fist full of pills, but I was wrong.

    1. Far from children, Hudson, although we may be denial about how old ’50 next birthday’ is 🙂
      I like the folky vibe- Spurs Fan is only surprised these guys don’t have beards as a folky chap with a beard and guitar is normally a winner for me 😉 Tiny Ruins isn’t exactly singalong, but I’m being drawn in.
      Just now, Ryan Adams is on the radio and I’m being drawn in, as ever. Love Ryan.

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