Disability Pride and all that

Even without a job to juggle, my diary fills up in random spots. I have 2 confirmed events for 2015, both on 22 April. Of course.

I was due to go to Dublin tomorrow, but the event  time was moved to 8am. Patient involvement in event design still has a way to go. Last night, I was offered a lift and was so tempted to take it, but Spurs Fan advised caution. He looked at the bundle of banners at the foot of the stairs and wondered about Saturday.

Um, yeah. Saturday.

Disability pride promotion

Disability Pride hits Belfast. A family festival to celebrate diversity in society and all people with disabilities. There’s a parade, concert, information stalls, retail tents, wheelchair fixing station, all the fun. NI Rare Disease Partnership (where I come in) have organised buses and livery for the parade and a stall. Overall, there will be hundreds of people walking, wheeling, dancing, wobbling or being bussed through the city centre, partying. The girls are preparing to spend Saturday afternoon (or at least 10 minutes of it) helping out at the rare disease tent. I’m not organising this event, but will be there all day, doing something with the banners, ticking people off lists, and looking for a seat. I’ll be celebrating, having fun and being inspired by the awesomeness of other people.

That’s a lot, but it’s not all.

A few weeks ago, Belfast Lord Mayor Nichola Mallon completed the ice bucket challenge for MND and other rare diseases, and then had us in for tea. Tea and nibbles in the parlour, chatting about who we are, what we do, how she can help.

Obviously the Lord Mayor can’t get enough of us, because the Belfast City Council based people from the parlour ‘do’ have been invited back, to the Installation Dinner. A fancy dinner in the City Hall, invited by the Lord Mayor. Get us. Of course it’s on Saturday night.

Can I potter in, grubby, smelly and carrying banners from the day?

Can I stay awake when I go home to get washed and changed?

Will I fall asleep in the soup?

And, does ‘Dress: lounge suit’ mean dress for going to a wedding, or a cocktail/ formal type frock?


4 thoughts on “Disability Pride and all that

  1. Wow that’s a pretty BIG deal… your invite to the Lord Mayors Shindig Better take a nap& wear your Sunday Best I’m sure you’ll pull it off with Style &flair espec. with your new hair 🙂 kisses to Jake as always..PKK

  2. The awesomeness of people.

    Saturday will be a big day. And the evening……….I see shopping if not so distant future, if not already.

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