on not having a vote

I don’t live in Scotland. My opinion on #indyref doesn’t matter to anyone. But I have been fascinated by what I’ve seen of the debate.

Political debate that’s not about themmuns and whataboutery. Politics without riots over how many days a flag gets flown. Articulate debate that engages the population, across all the spectrums, and includes 16 and 17 years olds. People in Scotland are debating the sort of society they want to live in, discussing the nature of democracy itself. Nothing is taken for granted. I’m more than a little jealous. Local politics is circular, self righteous and very frustrating.

At this stage the referendum is too close to call- a unique exercise, no guidance can be taken from previous voting. The percentage of the eligible population registered to vote is huge- 97%- all sorts of unexpected patterns can be expected.

Nobody knows what happens next. There will be change no matter what the result- Dave and his mates have promised it. Dave always does what he promised. A YES victory would be a remarkable achievement: a NO victory will seem like a close escape after the momentum of the last few weeks.

If I lived in Scotland I’d be pounding the streets, waving my stick at people. I’d have face paint on and carry a banner. I’d revel in the joy of literally wearing my political colours. I’d be well read and informed, and know something about economics. My opinions wouldn’t be vague and woolly and based on very little. I’d be confident and glamorous and thin from all the street pounding.

dog, Scottish flag

Instead I’ll be home, glued to the coverage, cheering on the Scottish people.



5 thoughts on “on not having a vote

  1. Great piece. Your reader may be aware that I live in Scotland, and it’s been fascinating to see people talking politics on nights out – discussions have been respectful, and there’s always something new to mull over – even if we don’t always agree.

  2. And you would not have looked in any way out of place here in recent weeks :-). It is such an exciting time, and with a massive 97% of the electorate registered to vote it truly will be historic.

  3. Its been all over the news and on my twitter feed. Frankly I’m a little worried but hopefully it’ll work out for the Best. Jake is the cutest and speaking of flags The union jack will be no longer & will look awfully “blue” or less blue w/o the blue from the Scots Ohhh the agony I can’t even fathom Guess we’ll have to wait 24 hrs or so and see Wags& kisses to Jake……PKK

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