how to write a thank you letter

Often, I am either asleep or anxious. I’m getting better at putting myself ‘out there’, less afraid of saying the wrong thing, confident in my knowledge and experience, but still, the anxiety sometimes wins. I either shut down totally or burble non stop. You know this.

Support, calming reinforcement, can come from the most unexpected places.

thank you from NIHRC

Of course it’s a form letter. Every organisation or individual who made a presentation will have received something similar. I hope everyone felt as good about it as I did. I hope FM and @imonlyslightly felt as good about it as I did.

I waved it at Spurs Fan and Dawnriser, beaming, as if it were written just for me. ‘Clear’, ‘articulate’, ‘able advocate’- he means me, he said that about me! I glowed with pride, and decided I could talk to any body, any time, no fear.

In truth, we can imagine that the reality of the thing was somewhere between his glowing remarks and my memory of the presentation, but for now, the reality is unimportant. How often do you get an official letter that actually makes you feel good? That’s not looking for money or blaming you for not being well enough to work?

A letter of thanks that gives a gift of confidence at the same time- I’m going to learn how to do that.


















7 thoughts on “how to write a thank you letter

  1. I Would frame it and keep it hung somewhere you can look at often cuz I remember you said it was gonna be a difficult day for you. You accomplished more than you know Speaking up is so important We need more Advocates like you three and praise from where ever it comes from….so Way to go.Kiss Jake…woofs & Hugs from across the Pond..PKK

  2. You know, it’s probably not very nice of me to say it, but “I told you so!” LOL! I knew you did well…form letter or not, you did advance the conversation and well! You knew your stuff and you speak from your heart. That’s what it takes. But I do think your point about encouraging others and building them up…always good! ox

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