priorities, people, priorities

Things have been busy for the McSpecs. Mid term break included two weekends in the clouds, wondering where the seaside, or indeed the next door caravan, had gone. There was the dance competition running hours behind schedule. I was lucky to only go through one red light on the way home in the early hours of the morning. The local Health Minister came to the autumn meeting of our charity and launched a period of consultation on the rare disease plan. We have a rare disease implementation plan to talk about, consider & shape. We need to be sure there are actions. We have lots to do to ensure people get a chance to have their opinions heard, to articulate what would help them as they live or work with rare disease. I have spent too much time on twitter. Our #irishmed twitter chat was much, much more than I had imagined. The fastest, most frantic hour I have experienced in many a year. I felt like I’d run a marathon, simply trying to keep up with what was going on- I was the co host, so I’d imagined that ‘keeping up’ was part of my job. But we had 173 participants and 900+ tweets, so the transcript will be where I find out what was actually going on. There are football tournaments, county trials, parent teacher meetings and all sorts of regular activities going on for the household. Those rainy weekends in the wilderness are important. We need to prioritise doing things together. Like we did today. plaits updo Girl2 unicorn hair boy hair vision of loveliness No, of course we didn’t leave him out! Jake was getting the full on doggy pamper/torture (in a different place). skinny boy   Humans beautified by Zuni Hair, Jake by Dog Gone Gorgeous.


2 thoughts on “priorities, people, priorities

    1. GM, where he is in the house depends on how long his fur is- he’d taken to being a draught excluder by the front door 🙂 Now he’ll hang out by the fire for a while, and then move into his cosy bed!

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