every day is a school day

Some weeks ago I, along with other volunteers, gave a presentation to the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission Inquiry into emergency care.  My recollections of the event were dominated by my being anxious and hardly drawing breath.

Today the video was made available. It was a legal thing; our input a matter of public record.


Key learning point 1: stick to the script.

1a: this will resolve the on/off/on/off nature of the reading glasses.

1b: this will give other people a chance to speak.

1c: this will preclude any notion that inventing a random character and giving her a pet is a useful idea.


Key learning point 2: go back to Weightwatchers.

2a: this may have an impact on the developing jowls.

2b: this may mean that clothes fit.


Key learning point 3: nothing is ever as bad as I fear.

3a: about time I realised this.




5 thoughts on “every day is a school day

  1. Nicely presented! It looks like the message got through, now let us hope The listeners use the information to help and ease the the lives of sufferers and their loved ones.

  2. I am so impressed! I think the message was heard – I do hope that the things you recommended now start to happen, however slowly, something is moving. And forget all those lessons to yourself, you are just a real authentic person and it comes across. So was your colleague, well done both of you.

  3. Oh wow! I really enjoyed this discussion, Fiona. I watched the entire thing and thought about how much patient care would improve with some of the suggestions you made. Probably a decade ago I had a friend trying to create some kind of a device that people could carry with them from appointment to appointment or upon hospital admission and it sounds very much like what you were describing. I liked your examples–even the story of the imaginary person with the random pet. LOL! You were very articulate and I liked how calm you stay…I tend to get a little strident when impassioned. You have a nice speaking tone. You looked good, too…don’t you dare criticize yourself or I’ll have to get after you! ox

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