[38] SOS

Our friend Michaela is always eloquent- this is powerful & pressing.

Life With Hollywood

– Save My Life –

Ever since I studied journalism, it’s been compulsion and habit for me to read the news several times a day. Today has seen my lungs throw a slight hissy fit, which among the rest of the illnesses I’ve been experiencing over the last 7 weeks, is enough to wipe me out. So it was only tonight that I looked. And the story I saw sent fear through my body.

Last Thursday, a young girl was blue, choking on her own vomit and in desperate need of resuscitation far beyond what her parents should be expected to be capable of. They dialled 999 for an ambulance, but none were available. This little girl had to be put in the family car and rushed to hospital by her father, by which point she had gone from partially responsive to completely unresponsive with her skin all turning…

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2 thoughts on “[38] SOS

  1. I Have No words……Shocking that we live in 21st century & hear we have no ambulances Needless suffering. pain on all fronts aarrgghh!! I am aghast!! Kiss Jake woof! PKK

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