cooking the ham

Christmas Eve is for prepping the veg, cooking the ham, and being sociable.

There is a direct link between the last two.

How to cook a ham, mcspec style

Stick cloves into the ham. Put ham, more cloves and water in a big pot. Bring to boil.

Visit the neighbours, drink wine.

Return eventually, or when Spurs Fan makes a panic stricken phone call “when do I turn off the hob?”

Take out ham , cooked to perfection.


No need to worry about that baking later. Too many things to keep track of.

I am a domestic goddess. Panic not, people, we’re lucky to be having a meal at all. Details are just details.

It’s Christmas eve, babe. Time for a singalong.


ham picture from theordinarycook- she did the baking thing too


4 thoughts on “cooking the ham

  1. Domestic goddess my Ham!

    But hamming it on Christmas eve is the attitude to maintain the spirit of the season. And the wine can’t hurt. Peace on earth and goodwill, it all starts at home and in the neighbourhood.

    Last night I went to top off the gas tank. The gentleman running the station, whom I think is possibly one of kindest beings I’ve ever met, was behind the counter bouncing and dancing around dressed in a Santa coat and hat. Christmas music blared from hybrid speakers, part speaker and part lava lamps.

    Laughing and smiling, I was greeted at the till with, ” Ho Ho Merry Christmas Brother”. Originally from India and raised Hindu, he had the correct attitude as do you.

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