distraction techniques

It’s still holiday time around here, but lots of rare disease events and discussions are planned for the next few weeks. These few days would be a good time to get ready.

Tie up all the loose ends, ready for the onslaught. I could learn about scheduling tweets. I could get that page of e-patient information ready. I could count all those coppers, and claim some expenses. I could re read the big document and prepare more of a response.

I could do lots of walking, dust off my weight watchers stuff and start counting points.

So, instead I stayed in bed late, reading. I decided to play with the blog, and now I don’t know where the pages have gone- where would I put the e-patient info even if I did gather it?

Ah, but look, random header pictures…

Never venture into Pinterest bloggy buddies. It’s too late for me, but save yourselves. For some people it’s a source of craft ideas or mummy guilt, but I have no such notions. It’s a glorious, pretty, funny, waste of time.


I may get back to worthy things eventually, but I’ve a clean onesie to get into and silly pictures to get lost in. See you on the other side.


4 thoughts on “distraction techniques

  1. And here I am, for the first time in ages, getting lost in blogs again. Ah, I miss this world. I have watched your progress from afar with awe, and I feel sure that the next year will be an incredible for you, and Spurs Fan, and the girls….but one must always have bibbling time. It is what sets our unconscious in order and makes us happy and prepares us, better than anything else, of the road ahead.
    Happy bibbling 🙂

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