[45] A World Made of Angry People

Listening to what other people think can be bad for your health.
Michaela couldn’t be more angry- you’ll understand why

Life With Hollywood

– I need oxygen. –

This morning, the biggest show in Northern Ireland has covered a story that makes me sick.

I understand that disability isn’t normal. It should be – but it isn’t, and I can’t change that on my own. But I can’t ignore this. What I’ve heard this morning is truly heartbreaking. What I thought was a nice, warm corner of the world now feels harsh, cold and soulless.

At the heart of this is yet another slew of complaints about a young girl with a disability who uses a toy that plays music as her self soothing mechanism. This young girl was not permitted to re-enter the auditorium with the toy, unless she was segregated from the audience in an area she could not see the stage from due to her sight issues. If I’m honest, this annoys me. How the Grand Opera House handled it…

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