goose bumps and all the aches


A family wedding can be a precious thing. An opportunity to gather together with people we’ve known our whole lives, with whom we’ve shared history, hugs, giggles and woes. A chance, at our age, for a happy family event. Tears, without a funeral. We were all ready for it.


My cousin** was beautiful as always, and early. The groom was welcoming and smiley. Both were wonderfully relaxed- certain that they were in the right place, at the right time, with all their people around them.

My uncle made it up the aisle with his youngest daughter, and rested, hugging the couple, sharing all our joy. The priest teased and chatted, and we were all comfortable with our place in this community, as welcomed visitors to this parish. You will know that I was wiping my eyes before things got fully underway.

The mummies, sisters, brothers, friends, all had a role to play. And there was the music.

One of the Incredible Singing Cousins married a professional musician. Not a bit wonder there were goose bumps, what with the harmonies and the fiddling. Clapping at the end of each piece of music would have been inappropriate, but warranted. The bride sang along with every word.

I rested at the hotel, but there could never have been enough rest to prepare me for what was to come. All the chatting, the seeking out people to hug, the catching up with lives and adult children. How did that child get to be nearly 30?

ready to party
ready to party

All the dancing. Despite ending up in a heap on the floor early on – like a tortoise, with no idea of how to get up, Thank You kind unknown man- I danced all night. Of course this was not wise. Of course, I’m paying for it. Of course I can hardly move yet, two days later. But I would not have missed it. I leapt about nearly to the point of collapse, and the next morning the girls had to gather bits from breakfast and bring them back to the room for me. I had been immobile for hours, and it would be a while yet before I discovered the energy to sit up.

We had a great day. Everybody had a great day. We were all glad to be included, to celebrate together, to share the special love of family.

Right now, who’s next?


**photo of the bride stolen from incredible dancing cousin’s FB page


4 thoughts on “goose bumps and all the aches

  1. How could I have forgotten that the best man quoted Winnie the Pooh in his speech??? Both he and his dad were wonderful, but one can never go wrong with Pooh.

  2. How wonderful indeed! Weddings are joyful, and sometimes I feel all mushy when I don’t even know the couple well. A few years ago our family had undergone a series of funerals and sad events when one of my nephews married. I self-consciously cried with joy throughout! I’m delighted for you and even your fatigue from too much fun. Your beautiful girls are aure growing up! ox

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